Join the timebank to offer or exchange help in the community

Timebanking lets members offer their time to anyone in their 'community' (street, village, town or county). Once a task is completed, members are rewarded with time credits (1hr = 1credit). Members can then spend their earned credits requesting help from others or they can donate them to others who may value them more.

Users are required to go through a reference checking process before they can join the online timebank and start exchanging offers and requests. Simply sign in and go to your dashboard to fill in the timebank joining form.

Step 1:
Janie adds an offer - "I can help people set up their computers"

Step 2:
Rupert responds he’d like to take up Janie’s offer.

Rupert hasn’t necessarily added any activities before, but he has credits to spend and this would be a great help.

Step 3:
Janie accepts Rupert’s response.

Jane and Rupert can chat on Communities Together to make sure they’re a good match.

Step 4:
Janie and Rupert chat. Janie accepts Rupert’s response and they arrange a convenient time for the exchange.

Step 5:
The exchange happens

Step 6:
Janie receives her credits. She can use these to spend in the timebank.

Rupert now has his computer set up.

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