I can help you use this platform.

Awarded 25th March 2020

I have been reference checked.

Awarded 25th March 2020

Project coordinator

Hello! I'm one of Our Monmouthshire's project coordinators from Made Open, the technology team behind your community platform. 

I'm more than happy to help anyone on Our Monmouthshire with their technical & safeguarding queries, send me a connection request or shoot me a message.

About me

I'm Penryn based, work across service design, sound for film & television and I teach piano part time.

Outside of work, I like sea swimming, social nights with friends, crafts & sewing, music and going to the cinema. I'm growing a lot of my own food in my garden and am always keen to borrow someone's dog for walks!

Community activities

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If you're struggling with a certain aspect of using this platform, or if technology is not your forte, or if you've just got a few quick questions, I ... Read more

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