Street coordinator role

Support others in your community by applying to become a Street Coordinator.

There has never been a greater need for communities to pull together. Everyone in your neighbourhood needs to feel safe and supported, whilst also maintaining good health and wellbeing where possible.

The aim of the Street Coordinator role is to unlock the creativity and compassion within your community. We know there are many vulnerable people in our communities who may be affected by COVID-19, not just in terms of getting ill but in terms of being unable to access services and their support network.

As a Street Coordinator, you can help in two ways:

  1. Act as a key point of contact for people in your community needing help and support.
  2. Coordinate people in your community who can provide help and support. 

Used well, this online platform can facilitate the exchange of offers and requests between people in your community, based on the individual skills people have to offer or the specific problems they need to be solved.

Please fill in a short application form if you think you can help. 


Step-by-step video tutorial

How will I co-ordinate other people in my community?

Invite people to join up and become local timebankers

We are inviting anyone living and working in Monmouthshire to join the online timebank via a second step registration application process. Here they are asked to provide additional information about themselves including contact details, reference checks and DBS details (if they wish to be verified).

Review and approve new timebank members in your designated area

This may involve a phonecall with the applicant, an internet search, and reference checks (for verification). Once approved, they will be sent a confirmation email from the system, but we ask you to message them personally via the site welcoming them to the platform and introducing yourself as the Street coordinator.

Set up team collaboration spaces

Create team spaces and start chat rooms to help members in your area stay connected, and organise tasks. You can invite members to different team spaces and set tasks for volunteers in your community who are willing to offer help.

Connect with and message members

Use the chat or direct messaging features to check on group members’ health and re-task members who are forced to self-isolate.

Liaise with the OM core team

Escalate where necessary to the core team on the Our Monmouthshire platform. Take calls and direct team member action.

What happens once you become a Street Coordinator?

Once you have been approved as a Street Coordinator, we will send you a welcome email, a welcome pack and award you a 'Street Coordinator' badge to help others find and contact you on this platform.

Due to the rapid nature of the COVID-19 crisis, not all details are perfectly formed yet, and so our team (below) will be on hand to help you make decisions, understand how to use the platform and stay safe when interacting with or acting on behalf of others.

This community platform has been designed to help people connect with their neighbours, create teams and offer or request help. We see the Street Coordinators as instrumental in helping to connect people and strengthen communities. So from all of us at Our Monmouthshire, thank you so much for applying.

How to stay safe and keep others safe

In these unprecedented times, there has never been a greater need for communities to pull together. We want to make sure people feel supported, safe and included in their community, whilst maintaining their health and well-being.

This page aims to provide additional advice and guidance for your safety during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are concerned about COVID-19 and want to find out more information, please visit - Government information & advice (GOV.UK)

Staying safe whilst interacting with others

When posting offers or requests from members via the platform, you must not disclose any personal information about them. As a trusted Street Coordinator, you are required to act on behalf of others in the strictest confidence.

When chatting on the phone, please be mindful that people may feel desperate and vulnerable. They need a friendly voice and a helping hand to overcome a challenge they maybe facing. It is your job to listen carefully, be reassuring and find out the details of their request. Use the 'Add a request' form to gather details. Eg: “Sue needs help with IT” or “Bill needs someone to collect his prescription from the chemist on Tuesday”.

If you are volunteering to support another member of Our Monmouthshire during the Coronavirus crisis, you must follow the official government advice:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home).
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Supporting others in the community

We know there are many vulnerable people in our communities who will be badly affected by the Coronavirus, not just in terms of getting ill but by being unable to access services and their support network.

The aim of our campaign is to unlock the creativity and compassion of the community to support each other through this challenge. You'll be able to share and view ideas for supporting others, respond to direct requests and see what is happening in your community.

Join the campaign to tackle Coronavirus together.

View campaign 

If you wish to report a concern about another member's activity, please contact the platform coordinators:


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