Timebanking is the simple process of exchanging time with other people – offering your time to help others and in return, having others help you when you need it. Everyone’s time is worth the same, so everyone can take part.

What is timebanking?

Timebanking is a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out by, for example, mowing someone’s lawn, or doing their shopping. For every hour spent, you earn an hour in return. This can be spent on receiving an hour of someone else’s time.

No money is exchanged. Everyone’s time is valued equally; one hour of sharing skills or helping others is recognised by giving that person one hour as a time credit – a community loyalty point.

Timebanking is not the same as volunteering. It is less formal with people being able to give and receive time doing things they enjoy, when they want to. It is a 2-way process of giving time and receiving time.


Where is the timebank for Monmouthshire?

The timebank is part of the stream of 'activities' added by members on this online platform. There are two types of activities that make up a timebank exchange: an 'offer' and a 'request'.

If you're looking for help, go to 'add activity' and add your 'request' for help. If you think you could help someone else, or have a specific skill, add an 'offer'.

When a user makes an offer on a request, or requests time from an offer, this is a timebank exchange. Credits are exchanged when the timebank exchange has been completed. All new users to Our Monmouthshire are given 20 free credits to help get them started.

1 hour = 1 credit


What could I offer on the timebank?

You don’t need any qualifications, special skills or a CV, just a willingness to offer help to others or ask for it if needed.

There are all sorts of things that can be shared with your local community – or across the county. From delivering essential groceries to neighbours or chatting on the phone, to creating fun fitness videos to lift peoples' spirits.

We're interested in hearing your ideas-what sort of 'offers' could people post?


What could I request from the timebank?

Our Monmouthshire is made up of lots of local people and organisations from all across the county who provide help and support to each other. There’s no obligation to offer help if you are unable to give it and in these uncertain times it’s even more important that those that need help let others know.

If you need immediate emergency help or assistance please contact the specialist team here


What do I get from timebanking?

The members of our timebank offer to help people with what they need, yes, but timebanks themselves do something much more unusual: they make people feel needed too, often people who have always received and come to believe those around them didn’t need them.

Feeling useful is a basic human need, and timebanks builds networks of people who give and receive support, enabling people from different backgrounds, who may not otherwise meet, to form meaningful and fruitful connections and friendships. You may think that you don't have much to offer your community, but we can guarantee that there's a unique place for you within our timebank and skill exchange!

Timebanking is a highly effective community development tool, empowering individuals and groups to bring about change, take control of their own lives, and galvanise their neighbourhoods.


Where can I get help to use the timebank?

The world of online shopping, websites and ‘apps’ could bewilder anyone, so don’t worry if you’re not sure how it all works.

We have tried to make our user interface as easy and intuitive as possible, but it still may take a bit of time to get used to all the features and tools on offer.

We have created a help page full of guides and video tutorials to help you navigate your way around the site.


How is timebanking different from volunteering?

Timebanking is less formal than volunteering with people being able to give and receive time doing things they enjoy, when they want to. It is a 2-way process of giving time and receiving time.

Life has changed and our friends and family do not always live nearby. It is not so easy to ask neighbours for help these days, particularly if we do not know if we can ever pay them back. Timebanking is a rewarding and enjoyable way to bring people of all ages and abilities together once again to share their skills. 

We believe that every person in society is of value no matter what their age or ability.  Everyone has knowledge and experience and every person has the ability to help someone in their community.


Why use timebanking?

Timebank UK's answer to this question is:

"It’s all about co-production; the delivery of public services in which citizens are involved in the creation of public policies and services."


Time banks are fantastic vehicles for achieving co-production between individuals, communities, and businesses.

Timebanking is a means of using the assets that lie dormant in people and organisations. By bringing these assets to life and allowing people equitable access to them, we no longer need to talk about a resource crisis. Together we can say that people can!


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